Artist in Winter

Artist in Winter

2012, Alkyd oil on canvas, 24″ x 24″

This is John, my 85-year old father as he was in 2011. He is full of energy; he writes, paints watercolours and teaches his own free art classes. I wanted to immortalize him with a portrait, but something that spoke to his love of painting and creativity. I decided to have him just finishing up painting himself into existence.

The trick was making pencil lines, and somehow giving the transition colours a watercolour feel. At first I was tempted to make it a paint by number deal, but that’s not my Dad. He has never followed, and I was fortunate enough to inherit his individuality. Besides, do they even make those paint by number kits?

Anyway, Dad….this is for you.

(BTW – all paintings in background are copies of Dad’s work)