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Who is David Fisher?

I am an early-retired graphic artist; having spent some 30 years doing digital animation, illustration and graphic design for TV. My first love was in the analogue world of oil painting and ink drawings, however, and I have now gone back to doing this full time.

This is my studio, tucked in between Georgian Bay and The Blue Mountains. I feed birds from my deck, and take care of two cats and a rather large dog.  My childhood obsession with dinosaurs and airplanes has not entirely disappeared, and I am still very much in touch with the 12 year old David Fisher. I believe this works to my advantage, as a good imagination is important to self-expression.

You can get an idea of my work by browsing through the tabs along the top of this page.  It takes weeks and even months to complete, and I am very particular about what I do.

Although my paintings and drawings are for sale, commercial appeal is not a priority. People sometimes ask me about commissions, and although l like to please, my own vision takes priority. Be true to thyself, they say. What I create is taken directly from my very essence. Love it or hate it, I can’t be any more honest with the artwork I create. The art reflects the artist. Period.


My Calendar for 2017

While I was busy adding dots to an ink drawing back in November of 2015, a colleague suggested I release my drawings in a calendar format. It seemed like a way to make money, but in an internet/Walmart world, mass production-cheap labour products tends to steal the thunder away from simple craftsmanship. Still, I figured this would be a little publicity, and a way for my friends to take home some of my art in a relatively inexpensive way.

I had the theme already in mind; what if today’s personal technology and social media were around in the past?  I was working on an image of an astronaut taking a selfie on the moon, and the title “iHistory” popped into my head. Well, I started in earnest, and soon realized what a lot of work this was going to be.

All 12 images
All 12 images

Flash forward to August of 2016, and I finally finished off image number 12, Marilyn Monroe. With some disappointing experimentation, I found that trying to spend less than $20 for a good quality print was going to be a problem. I settled on a robust, cardboard-like, glossy paged format, where the images would last far past 2017. At this point, the idea of profit seemed far fetched to me, so I decided to simply break even. I rounded up to the nearest dollar to arrive at a non-threatening $25 per calendar.

Calendar 2017
Calendar 2017

Not many of you follow me out there in the blog/webpage world, but if you are interested, the calendar will be available into December of 2016, at the price of $25 in Canadian funds. Shipping within Canada is a reasonable $5, and Europe is around $10. If interested, send me a message, and we can work out the details.