Behind the Scenes

I have put together various “How To” projects over the years, and I have decided to share them on this website. Whether you are a professional artist, or just starting out, you may find here some  interesting techniques, or just plain inspiration, for your own artwork. I will update this section when I can.

Fisherman’s Friend

FF-Fig18Follow the steps I took to paint this very detailed fishing boat, and the techniques used to overcome various obstacles.



Wine & Cheese Still Life

WG-47-FinishedThis is a rather comprehensive, step-by-step exercise that will take you several weeks to complete, should you choose to commit to it. There are some 40 photos to help you along, and many tips that can eventually be applied to other paintings. You learn by doing, so if you decide to try this, I hope you find it worthwhile.


Polymer Clay: Man on the Moon

MoonFinalWhen I made this sculpture, I took the extra time to record every step, even though I didn’t really know how it would all turn out. But it made for a pretty good overview of the techniques I use, and an interesting look at the medium of polymer clay.

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