Early Artwork

Paintings and drawings done between 1975 and 1983. The earlier paintings were oil on canvas, but by 1979, I had switched to the faster-drying Alkyd oils. All work in this section is long gone; sold or given away.


3 thoughts on “Early Artwork”

  1. Dear David
    I”m happy to see your work again. I”m the optometrist that commissioned you many years ago. The little girl and her dog have been in my waiting room over 30 years. It’s admired by hundreds of thousand people. My personal favorite painting for me is the school room with the 3 children sitting on the school chairs.
    Hope all is well with you and please let me know of your next showing

    Dr Stan Salsberg

    1. Wow – I have been too busy to check my messages. I’m so glad to hear that this painting lives on! I will be retiring soon, and will be creating a lot more work.

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