New Paintings

These are my newer paintings, after moving to Collingwood in 2016.  All are Alkyd oil on canvas.

See paintings from 2009 – 2015

4 thoughts on “New Paintings”

  1. Happy Holidays!
    Enjoyed tremendously your paintings on a large screen. Do you have an inventory list available? If so, would appreciate getting.
    Kind regards,
    DC Metro Area

    1. Guy – sorry I am late in responding, I have been doing most of my public interaction on the Facebook version of this website. My inventory is what’s on the site, minus those marked SOLD. I haven’t as yet sold anything from my website, but we could certainly discuss any painting that you really like.

      Thanks for your interest,

    1. Hi Marilyn! The duck and goldfish could go for $400, since there’s no gallery commission, but the larger Mannequins would be $900.

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